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    Q: How does Print Beyond work?

    A: Hi! We are a print on demand retail and online store based out of Burnsville, Minnesota. We sell custom shirts for as low as $10 and sometimes you can have your shirt in hours! Print Beyond also allows you to create and sell your products on our site hassle-free. We are free to use. We set a flat rate base price (printing cost + garment cost + production cost) per product. You set the selling price and keep the profits. We ship your products to your customers!

    Q: What is the minimum purchase order?

    A: There are no minimum order requirements for Direct To Garment printing services. There is a minimum quantity for embroidery and screen printing services, however.

    Q: How do I get paid?

    A: Earnings are paid out weekly on Fridays via PayPal.

    Q: How do we personalize apparel?

    A: Visit our to get started on your custom order!

    Q: What is the cost to personalize apparel?

    A: Those prices vary, but visit our for a better idea.

    Q: Can I start my own store and sell items?

    A: Yes! Contact us at jacob@printbeyond.us to get started with your own store and start selling your custom products!

    Q: Can I get a sample of your product?

    A: Please contact us at shipping@printbeyond.us to inquire about samples.

    Q: Where could I find a graphic designer?

    A: Right here! Check out all our graphic design services.

    Q: How long does it take to complete my order?

    A: We do our best to complete every order in a timely manner, but occasionally situations come up where orders may be delayed. We will let you know if there are any issues. Please allow extra time for your order during peak and Holiday seasons.

    Q: Do you donate or sponsor events?

    A: Occasionally. Please email jacob@printbeyond.us to have your organization or event considered.

    Q: Something we haven't answered?

    A: Please email shipping@printbeyond.us