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    Is Your Image Ready For Print?

    Some images may be too small too print and will turn out blurry and pixelated. To avoid this, please make sure to follow these guidelines to ensure the best quality for your products.

    Vector Art (Preferred)

    Vector art is preferred for DTG prints as it provides the best quality possible. One of the most popular programs to achieve this is Adobe Illustrator.

    Common file extensions are:   .ai  .eps   .pdf   .svg

    Raster Art

    We also accept raster art but it must be at 300 DPI to achieve a good quality print. A way to check the DPI is to open Adobe Photoshop. Go to Image>Size>Resolution.

    Common file extensions are:   .ai  .png   .psd   .tiff  .gif


    *If you are unable to submit your artwork to standards or require assistance, please email design@printbeyond.us. Complex art projects will be subject to additional charges.